4. Trailing take-profit and deviation

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What is trailing take-profit?

Trailing take profit allows you to earn even more with our GT App. When price reaches your prediction strategy will continue to wait until it grows even higher.

So there are two possible events with trailing take-profit feature on. 

  1. Once price reaches your prediction it will wait until it grows even higher and after it drops according to deviation percentage strategy will close a deal.
  2. Once price reaches our prediction and instantly falls dawn, the strategy will close deal according to deviation percentage *current take profit - deviation*

What is deviation?

Deviation % is a percentage that you set, it will tell the strategy when to close a deal.
Note: Deviation must be less than take-profit percentage itself. 

For example: You've edited the strategy settings and choose Take-profit 2% and trailing deviation 0,5%. Strategy will wait until you will reach 2% of take-profit and after it is done he will wait for the price to grow or fall dawn.
So once price reached the 2% you've set and fall dawn instantly after, the strategy will close the deal once the deviation percentage was reached. Simply speaking ( current profit % - deviation % )
If the price will continue to grow and then fall down, let's say it grew to 10%  instead of 2% strategy will close the deal after it falls down for deviation percentage, in our case, it is 0,5% so it will close on 9,5 %.

How to turn on trailing take-profit?

To activate trailing take-profit.

  1. Go to strategy settings.
  2. Toggle trailing take-profit on.
  3. Set trailing deviation.
  4. Enjoy :).

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