How to stake $GTAI token

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Below, we will present information about the opportunities that are provided to the community when using the $GTAI staking service.

The process of how you can take part in staking is also described.

Staking is the process of participating in a blockchain network by holding cryptocurrency in a wallet. 

Sometimes staking model means that stake-program participants help secure the network, validate transactions, and create new blocks. 

Sometimes it helps to withdraw the token from circulation supply and demonstrate the confidence in this investment.

In return for their participation, they receive rewards in the form of cryptocurrency.

Earn model is more about providing liquidity to decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.

The specifics can vary widely depending on the platform or project offering the Earn model.

How to participate in Staking?
Please visit the webpage:

1. Connect your wallet to our $GTAI staking page by clicking on the button "Connect wallet".

2. Choose one of staking pools by clicking on one of it. The difference between staking pools is in Reward (%) and Lock term.

3. Type the amount you want to stake and then click on the "Enable" button and confirm this action in your wallet.

4. After you have enabled the staking process - click on the "Deposit" button and confirm the action in your wallet.

5. Great! You have successfully staked your $GTAI tokens in the staking pool.

Keep in mind:

Reward will be bigger when your Lock term is longer.

Please make sure that there are enough Capacity in pools for you to participate.
There are limits, and sometimes it is better to lock your tokens for a more solid term.

Your tokens and reward will be available when the staking term will be finished.

In order to join the staking you will need $GTAI tokens on your wallet.
Currently, you might purchase it on these exchanges.
Full list of exchanges you may find at project's web page:

Right now, you can find the $GTAI token on the following platforms:
Token on ByBit
Token on Kucoin.
Token on
Token on MEXC.
Token on Bitget.     
Token on HTX.  
Token on Bitrue
Token on Probit.   
Token on Coinsbit.  
Token on XT.
Token on Deepcoin .
Token on BitVenus .
Token on Biconomy.
Token on Bigone.
Token on Tapbit

Token on Pancakeswap.

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