3. Two ways to trade with GT App

Personal strategy or Copy-trading How can you choose the right option for you?
Written by Olha
Updated 7 months ago

This article sets out our basic recommendations for choosing between Copy-trading and the use of a personal strategy.


It should be remembered that each Copy-strategy works in accordance with certain requirements; you’re not able to change the settings or the pair itself. This decision, as well as all risk management, is undertaken by the Top-Trader. You should also meet the minimum balance requirements, which are indicated on the strategy card.

If your balance does not meet these requirements – contact support to create a personal strategy.

Opportunities to learn.

Creating a personal strategy leads to the growth of your personal trading skills and a deeper understanding of what is happening in the market.

If you already have the basic skills and are able to profit from your knowledge – don’t ignore this opportunity. 

An individual strategy offers you the ability to decide on a strategy. For instance, how often to open deals. 


You’re able to formulate your own set of rules.

If you have the skills, the time to trade using a personal strategy and you are satisfied with the potential results, you’ll definitely be rewarded with an increase in your skills and profits. You’ll also have a support team on hand to which you can direct questions. 

If you lack even a minimal knowledge of trading or do not have the necessary time, then use our Copy-trading guide to choose a strategy that meets your expectations.

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