12. Trend Changer

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In the world of trading, there are a lot of reasons for stress: in which direction will the price move next? when to expect a reversal? Is the analysis correct? And one of the biggest is the stress of losing money.

We recognize the pain of the entire trading community and have tried to do our part to reduce the likelihood of liquidations or large losses of money for all GT App users.

Trend Changer was developed based on the KDJ indicator, which is one of the Top 5 Binance indicators.

Of course, we did not limit ourselves to a simple implementation of the indicator, but also carried out tests and created our own modified indicator model.

How can Trend Changer be useful?

First, let's look at how large losses or liquidations are formed.

Everything is quite banal and familiar to every trader - an incorrect analysis was carried out and the entry into the deal occurred in the wrong direction.

But due to the fact that we never know for sure where the price will go next, even being in a losing trade, we hope for a quick turn in the right direction.

Plus, few people agree to fix the loss with their own hands.

This mixture of fear, greed and hope is familiar to all traders. Eternal psychological struggle.

Eliminating all of the factors described above from your trading is the goal of Trend Changer.

How does Trend Changer work?

Let's imagine that you have carried out your analysis of the BTC/USDT pair and opened a long trade, while activating Trend Changer on a 5-minute timeframe with the first option “Notifications”.

Long trade with BTC/USDT

Activated Notifications option in Trend changer 

This means that your strategy will “communicate” with the Trend Changer every couple of seconds and receive an update from it on the price direction exactly on the timeframe you have chosen.

At the moment when Trend Changer receives a signal that the price has turned into a short (that is, all the conditions and parameters under which it is considered that a change in the direction of price movement will be met), it will send your strategy information about this in the form of a notification to your telegram bot and strategy logs.

Then you can decide on further actions - add margin to delay the liquidation price (we clarify that this is not the best option), close the trade with the current profit/loss result, or continue the trade.

If you activate “Direction auto switch”, then after receiving a signal about a price reversal, in addition to sending a notification, the strategy will independently and fully automatically change the direction of future deals in its settings.

If this signal was received during an active trade, then the current trade will continue its work in the direction in which it was started. But the next trade will already be started in the direction that was last indicated by Trend Changer before the start of the trade.

When Trend Changer is activated, the price direction will be constantly monitored, even while waiting for a new entry signal. It will not work only if the strategy is paused.

Trade direction changed automatically from Long to Short

Now let's move on to the last option, "Immediate switch". It is similar to the previous version, but more aggressive.

Let's imagine that your strategy works in the Long direction, is in an active trade and receives a signal about a change in price direction. At this point, of course, you will receive a notification about this. And also, in parallel, the strategy will independently and automatically complete the current deal and change the direction in the settings to short. After the completion of the current deal, the strategy will wait for a new entry signal.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that when this option is activated, there is a very high chance of getting a minus, because the deal will be closed in any case, no matter what profit / loss was in the deal at the time of receiving the price reversal signal.

BUT, at this point it is worth considering: is it worth staying in a trade that works in the wrong direction, has a chance of complete liquidation and loss of the entire balance? Or is it worth getting out of it as soon as possible with minimal losses?

The current deal is completed and the direction of deals is changed automatically

NOTE: The system will only send alerts if the strategy works in the opposite direction from that specified by Trendchanger. If Trendchanger shows long and your strategy also works in long, no alerts will come.

“Immediate change of direction” is available only when PRO Mode is activated.


All functionality of GT App is designed to facilitate and automate your trading so that you can spend as little time as possible on charts, analysis and decision making.

We cannot guarantee 100% win rate and no losses, just like no one else in this world.

But if you know that you are not always able to predict the right price direction, you have already experienced liquidations and do not want to repeat this experience, or the difficulty in making decisions at the time of losses is for you, then try our Trend Changer. Perhaps this is exactly the piece of the puzzle that your strategy was missing 🙂

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