8. Safety order step multiplier

Great assistant for your strategy
Written by Evan
Updated 10 months ago

The new feature will be available when you set up your strategy - the Martingale Safety order step multiplier.

How does this feature work? Each subsequent step between safety orders will be larger than the previous one (initial safety order step size * multiplied by the Martingale value of the safety order step).

Safety price deviation: 3%

Martingale ratio: 1.2

Safety step after 1st - deviation: 3%

Safety step after 2nd - deviation: 3.6% (3%*1.2)

Safety step after 3rd - deviation: 4.32% (3.6%*1.2)

Safety step after 4th- deviation: 5.18% (4.32%*1.2)

What does this feature bring to your trading? With this multiplier, your strategy is more efficient in averaging the price of the opening order, even if the price moves significantly against you. Thus, your trading becomes more secure pushing the liquidation price away.

Also, it will help your strategy become more effective. After all, with a safety order step multiplier, you are not only much less likely to get stuck in a trade, but also make your profit much faster at the first sign of price recovery in the direction of your strategy.

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