11. Replenishment of the balance and withdrawal

All details regarding the financial side of trading with strategies
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In this article, we’ll consider in detail the processes of replenishing your balance to start trading and withdrawing funds at any time you need. We’ll also be reviewing their features and rules. We’ll split the article into two distinct sections: 

  • Trading with Binance’s API;
  • Trading with a Broker account.

Depending on which connection you’re trading with, the required actions will also change.

Trading with the Binance API. To launch strategies, you’ll simply need to replenish your Binance wallet with the necessary coins.

If you are using a Spot strategy, then the coins must be in your Spot wallet. If this is futures trading, accordingly, the coins must be on the futures wallet.

To withdraw money, you need to go through the standard process for Binance.

Neither when you replenish or withdraw from your balance does GT App come into contact with your funds. 

Trading on a Broker account. With this type of connection, everything is different.

Balance replenishment. First, you need to create a Broker connection in Step 1. Exchange section. A pop-up window will appear in front of you, in which an individual wallet address for replenishment will be generated.

Please note that replenishment of the Broker account balance is only possible using USDT via the TRC20 network. Since Spot trading is not available on Broker accounts, you will not need to make a deposit using other coins.

You do not need to save the wallet address, because it will be available to you at any time, at the bottom of the Step 1.Exchange page, in the field with the appropriate connection. It is enough to simply press the “Deposit” button.

Please, don't forget about network fees for transfers.

Once you have made a deposit, click on the "Balance Update" button and the funds will be reflected in your balance.
If, after few times you click, your balance has not been updated, please contact our support team.

The withdrawal of funds. Any request to withdraw money from the Broker account is processed within 24 hours.

Withdrawal, as well as input, is carried out only in USDT via the TRC20 network. Therefore, make sure that you provide the correct wallet address in the request. If you enter the wrong wallet or network address, your money will be lost.

When withdrawing, the network transaction fee will also be deducted from the amount.

For security purposes, from time to time, you may be asked by the finance department to confirm your withdrawal. In this case, our support team member will contact you to clarify the details of the withdrawal of funds. After confirmation, your withdrawal will be processed within 24 hours.

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