9. Memberships with profit commission

How the GT App payment model works
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In this article, we’ll explain our new service payment model and its benefits for users. It’ll be divided into the following sections:

  • How new memberships work;
  • Profit limits;
  • The UNLIMITED plan;
  • Payment with GTP Token
  • FAQ. 

Due to the volume of requests that we’ve been getting from users, we have changed the payment model for our services.

How do memberships work with profit commision? 

Simply put, our new calculation system guarantees that your strategies will work until the amount of profit of positively completed transactions is equal to the profit limit. There is no longer a link to the lifespan of a membership. Be it a week, a month a year – no matter how long you need, you can trade freely, focusing only on the result of your transactions.

This approach allows one to:

  • Pay for instruments that guarantee income without a time limit;
  • Determine in advance the level of expected profit depending on the chosen plan;
  • Guarantee a transparent relationship between the platform and the user. 

Tariff terms include:

  • The ability to fully cover the cost of acquiring the plan; 
  • The ability to copy the trades of the best traders on our platform;
  • The ability to create your own strategies with the construction of an individual strategy;
  • The ability to trade on spot and futures markets;
  • The ability to use brokerage and API exchange connections;
  • The use of leverage functions in the futures market;
  • Special features including Trailing and Martingale. 

This type of pricing offers fair conditions for our users and room for development; further tools can be purchased as and when they are needed. 

How to find out the amount of the available profit limit.

You can use a simple formula here: multiply the cost by the membership name.

For example, Membership х2: cost $25 х2 = $50 in available profit limit.

Membership х5: cost $150 х5 = $750 in available profit limit.

The membership also indicates the size of the Profit fee. You pay for it when buying a membership, but in advance. Throughout the lifetime of your membership, we will not charge any interest on your income.

For example, in the x5 membership, there is a 20% Profit fee from the acquired profit. 20% of $7500 equals $150, which you pay before you start using the plan.

In addition to the cost, the difference between the memberships is in the available functionality and its quantity.

The x2 tariff doesn’t have the ability to connect the exchange using API keys. Each plan has a different number of simultaneously activated strategies and Binance broker accounts.

Since each of our memberships assumes self-sufficiency, when choosing a membership, you can focus on the functionality.

Immediately after activating the membership, you will see a slider in your account that will display 100% of the available profit level ($0 of $150). As you earn a profit, this number will decrease, showing the remaining amount.

After you earn 100% of the profit and the slider shows ХХХ out of XХX ($150 of $150), you can purchase the membership again.

Note: If you choose to purchase a new Membership before the current one expires, your current Membership will be deactivated. That is, the remainder of the past membership will NOT be added to the new one. In this regard, we recommend earning 100% of the profit of the current tariff before purchasing a new membership. 


This tariff simply involves a one-time payment at the time of purchase, without restrictions on the size of the profit. In simple words, this is an eternal membership.

The advantages of this membership also include the Martingale function and a VIP manager.

Martingale allows you to better average the starting price in critical situations. This will ensure a higher win rate in the long run and, of course, increase your profits.

The VIP Manager at your request will become a reliable advisor in creating optimal settings that will maintain a balance of security and profitability. This option is especially important for beginners who are looking to take their first steps in trading with our strategys. Indeed, this way, you can avoid losses at the initial stages and learn under the supervision of our experienced manager.

The big bonus of this update was our Copy-strategies. Now, they are available to every user absolutely free of charge. Everyone can activate as many Copy-strategies as they want, limited only by the available number of exchange connections and the available trading balance.

We are confident that the new payment model will be the most beneficial for our users. Regardless of the chosen tariff, trading method and instruments, everyone receives guarantees to cover the costs of our service.

Payment with GTP Token.

If you want to make a purchase of a membership, you can pay with USDT currency or the native utility GTP token. GTP tokens have been issued on the blockchain network in January 2022. If you participated in the sale of GTP tokens or signed SAFT agreements, you are eligible to use your tokens according to the vesting schedule. To use your tokens within our ecosystem, please contact our VIP customer manager via cooperation@gt-protocol.io

GTP tokens Utilities:

1) Memberships and subscriptions discount. Provides rights for the customer to get a discount for purchases in the GTP marketplace.

2) Profit-sharing fee discount. Provides rights for the user to get a discount for a profit-sharing fee that is charged for participation in DeFi pools.

3) A listing fee. Serves as a payment method for pool owners to create pools and list them in the GTP marketplace.

Frequently asked Questions

I just activated my membership. But the profile indicates that the entire profit limit has been used. Why?

The indicator works in reverse. It shows how much profit in dollar terms you can still earn. At the time of activation, you’ll see that 100% is available to you for earnings.

Will I be charged commission for profit after activating my membership?

No, we will not write off any additional funds. Only payment for the activation of the membership is provided.

I have already activated my membership, but it does not allow me to connect API keys. Why?

Most likely, you have activated the x2 plan, which does not provide the option to work with API keys. You can use a Broker connection only. 

If you need API connectivity, you need a different kind of membership. For changes, please contact our support team. 

My Copy-strategy reported subscription expiration, but my membership is still active. Why?

The lifetime of each Copy-strategy is 30 days. This means that after this period, you need to delete your existing Copy-strategy, go to the marketplace and copy it back to your account. After connecting the exchange and upon launch, the strategy will begin to work for you once again. 

If my profit limit is reached at the time of an open trade, will it be closed prematurely?

No. If, at the time of the transaction, your profit crosses the limit threshold, the transaction will still be completed correctly and you will be able to withdraw all the profit received from it.

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