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How can we guarantee the safety of your money?
Written by Olha
Updated 7 months ago

In this article, we’ll cover the security surrounding GT App. Also, we’ll outline the important steps on your part to ensure the safety of your assets. We’ll divide this article into two sections:

  • GT App’s security measures; 
  • User-side security measures. 

Three people guarantee the safety of your money: GT App, Binance and you.

GT App’s security measures 

The most important point is that your money is never stored by GT App.

Whichever exchange option you use (personal Binance account or Broker), the money is always stored on Binance. GT App is not a holder or custodian of your funds. By funding your Broker account, you are funding the Binance brokerage sub-account.

If you trade with Binance’s API keys, for our part, we guarantee their safety and encryption while preventing public access. 

To trade with our strategies, you only grant permissions to open and close trades. The ability to withdraw funds and manage your capital is always blocked for GT App.

If you are the user of a Broker account, we provide additional security measures.

  1. A unique secret PIN that you create when you first log into your Broker account. The withdrawal of funds from the Broker account can be carried out only after the correct entry of this code. It cannot be bypassed, deleted or changed. If you take care of the complexity and uniqueness of this password and do not disclose it to unauthorized persons, no one will be able to access your money on the Broker account.
  2. Each withdrawal from the Broker account is moderated by the GT App manager.
  3. When requesting a withdrawal of an amount greater than $999, your personal confirmation from the Telegram account linked to your GT App account will be required. Without your participation, such a conclusion will not be accepted into work.

Important security measures on your part.

GT App and Binance have created all the necessary conditions for the safety of your money.

But, you need to remember that this is a team effort and your access to services is only as secure as your passwords and the devices you use.

Recommendations that we urge you to take:

  1. Keep your GT App passwords and PIN on paper, out of the reach of others. Never send them in messengers and do not reveal them to anyone; 
  2. Use a unique email address and password that you do not use for domestic purposes; 
  3. Be sure to set up 2FA for your Binance account.
  4. Set up lock passwords/PIN codes on your devices (e.g. on your computer or phone); 
  5. Do not download unverified files from the Internet, do not follow suspicious links, and do not provide your data to third parties.

As a team, after completing the steps above, we’ll create a safe space for  your money. After that, you can fully devote your time to trading with strategys and increasing profits. 

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