13. KYC

Update for current Broker account owners
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Binance introduces a new KYC verification standard. If you have already completed KYC before, you need to repeat this procedure once.


All Broker account users must undergo verification before March 20, 2024 in order to continue to use their Broker account for trading.

After passing the new Binance LINK-KYC once, all Broker accounts created in GT App will be linked to your profile.

A new restriction from Binance on the maximum number of Broker accounts also comes into force. For users who own x3, x5 or Unlimited membership, the maximum available number of Broker accounts is 20.

If the new Binance LINK-KYC is not passed, restrictions will be imposed on users' Broker accounts starting March 20, 2024. Trading will no longer be available, but only withdrawal from Broker accounts is possible.

From May 20, 2024, if Binance LINK-KYC is not passed, Broker accounts will be completely blocked, without the ability to withdraw funds.


NOTE: for convenience, we recommend passing KYC on a mobile phone, since you will need to take photos not only of documents, but also video selfies.

1) To initiate Binance LINK-KYC, log into your GT App account and go to the Exchange page https://app.gt-protocol.io/dashboard/exchange

2) Click on the “Create a new account and continue” button.

3) If you have not connected the authenticator yet, scan the QR code and connect it. Or enter the code from the authenticator application if it has already been connected previously.


4) After this, you will be automatically redirected to the KYC page.


5) At the first stage of identification, prepare your identity document. Follow the prompts on the screen.

6) The second step is to make a video of the face from different angles. Also follow the on-screen prompts.


7) After Binance processes the data, you will be automatically redirected to the platform's page.


8) Review of documents takes within several hours. To check the status, go to the Profile page https://app.gt-protocol.io/dashboard/profile

KYC statuses:

Under Review - your application is being reviewed by Binance

Verified - KYC has been passed, the opportunity to create a Broker account is open

Rejected - KYC was rejected, you can try to go through KYC again or contact support to clarify the details of the reason for the refusal.

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