6. How to buy subscription?

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All monthly subscription plans are available at "Membership" page. You can find this page by clicking "Membership" in the left sidebar menu. 

The main differences between all membership are:

  • Count of exchange connections
  • Count of strategies
  • Max allowed leverage (5x for free trial memberships, x20-50 for paid subscription plans)
  • Martingale multiplier option

Once you've purchased a membership it will be activated.
You still will be able to purchase other membership. Though the previous one will be canceled.
We suggest you to choose the membership plan wisely.


What will happen if my membership has expired? 

Once your membership is expired, all your strategies become inactive.
If you have an active deal strategy will wait until it is finished.
To start a new deals you will need to prolongate a subscription.


Max leverage limitation

Trial membership is limited with 5x max leverage to avoid losses among new users.
All paid monthly subscription plans allow to trade with up to 20x leverage.

To all new users, we recommend to start using the strategy with min. trading amount and min. leverage and increase them after 2-3 days of trading.
We also recommend to launch 2 strategies: short and long at the same time for better understanding how strategy works in different market directions.
After 10-15 completed deals, new users obtain an understanding of how the strategy works and operates, so as understanding came - the trading amount could be increased.



If you will have any questions or need any help/assistance in setting up your first strategies - please contact our VIP manager in Telegram at @GT_App_CSbot.

We also invite you to join our Telegram community chat. In this chat, we discuss market trends and share relevant trading strategies 24/7.

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