Trading fees

Mandatory trading fees
Written by Olha
Updated 4 months ago

Copy-trading services quite often take an additional commission for each trading transaction, much in the same way that a common exchange works. This article will cover such idiosyncrasies when working with GT App. There are two things we’re going to speak about today.

  • The Binance Fee;
  • GT App Fee.

The Binance fee. All strategiestrading takes place through Binance. Therefore, it’s important to remember that for every trade made, be it a buy or a sell order, Binance will charge a certain fee. It is paid by absolutely every user as payment for the services of the exchange.

There are different fees for Spot and Futures trading. If you need to calculate the exact amount of future commission, you can refer to Binance’s instructions.

GT App Fee. Our service charges absolutely no additional commissions for trading.

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